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for_sell's Journal

Sell your stuff
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This community was created for buying/selling/trading, it can be personal and used things or it can be new stuff. Doesn't matter if you have something to sell you can sell it here. You can have a set price or acution it off.

Here are the rules:

1. Neither evil_witch or for_sell have ANYTHING to do with Monitoring/Enforcing: Billing Payment,Delivery,Etc....

2. Offer to sell what ever you have.(picture is preferrable)at a certain price or take bids,and if an agreement is made; trade contact info(if not already on user profiles).

3. You have the option of auctioning the item to the highest bidder if you want, The auctioned item goes to the highest bidder when the seller decides to end the sale. Please keep your auctions organized by your own stated specific rules.

4. You may post 1 small picture (under 300x300 pixels). Any more/bigger pictures must be behind an lj-cut.

5. No anonymous posts/comments, including no comment posts.

6. Do not future date posts, such as making it for the year 2025 when it is only 2005.

7. One post a day is sufficent enough.

8. This is a selling community. Not a wants community or a place to recruit sellers for your website. If you are posting wants or recruitment advertisements, then place those under lj cuts. Your main entry MUST be selling.

9. If your entry is too long, you will be asked to lj cut it. If not, your entry will be deleted.

10. I can and will delete your entry without letting you know first. Follow these rules, especially the photo size rule, and it will be left untouched.

11. If your entry contains explicit language or is racist in any manner, it will be deleted immediately.